In a recent post about spring cleaning, we told you to avoid the ‘housecleaning shock’ that can happen when faced by endless cleaning jobs inside and outside the house. With the overall direction of avoiding being overwhelmed by picking a few particular cleaning jobs. One suggestion was window cleaning because, with all that sunshine coming in, dirty windows can be particularly stressful in spring.

If window cleaning is the thing this spring, you know we’re going to show you an ecofriendly way to do it. And the first step is to whip up your own green window cleaning solution using vinegar and water. If you’re wondering about the recipe, we just gave it to you. 50% vinegar and 50% water. Boom, you have a chemical-free cleaner.

Why Vinegar for Window Cleaning

Vinegar is like nature’s all-purpose cleaner for all around the house. We told you before about the many uses of vinegar for house cleaning, including unclogging drains, and hiding scratches in wooden furniture.

But it’s on windows that vinegar really shines! And that’s just the first advantage of using vinegar for window cleaning.

A Streak-Free Shine

You’ve been disappointed by commercial window cleaners before. While they promise a ‘streak-free’ shine, you often have to spray and wipe off the cleaner many times before the streaks actually disappear. If you get streaks after using your vinegar/water cleaning solution, don’t blame the vinegar. The streaks are caused by residues left from the commercial cleaner. Try adding a little dish detergent to your solution.

It’s an Insect Repellent

Lots of people keep their windows closed during the summer as a solid defense against the invasion of bugs. But bugs hate vinegar, so when you clean your windows with it, you can leave them open and let in lots of fresh air, and no bugs.

You Can Adjust the Cleaning Power

Unlike any commercial cleaner out there, you can fine tune your vinegar/water cleaning solution to make it perfect for any cleaning job. If you find the 50/50 mix doesn’t give you the cleaning power you want, try adding a half teaspoon of dish detergent to two cups of solution. You can also try heating the water before using it or dipping your cleaning cloth in 100% vinegar before wiping.

If you’d like to avoid spring cleaning altogether, call us here at Mona Eco-Friendly Cleaning and let us do it all for