Yup. We know it. A promise to clean your house ‘faster and easier’ sounds like a promise to help you make a million dollars ‘fast and easy’.

But here’s why we went ahead and did it anyway. If you take steps to prevent your house from getting as dirty, then you will be able to clean faster and you won’t have as much dirt to clean.

Great. Now it sounds even worse. “Takes steps so your house doesn’t get as dirty”? What’s that supposed to mean?

Here’s the Deal on Faster and Easier House Cleaning

There are things that you might do everyday that can be making your house dirtier without you knowing it. Those things make the chore of house cleaning more difficult and time consuming.

So cut those things out, and cleaning your home will be faster and easier. And here are three of them.

1. Having Steaming-Hot Showers

Everyone loves a hot shower. But if lots of steam is rising for the entire time, you’re creating a major cleaning headache for yourself. Of course, steam is water vapour. While the water from the shower head goes down the drain, the water in steam can go anywhere in your bathroom. When it does, wherever it goes, it can provide a great breeding ground for mould and mildew.

2. Not Taking Your Street Shoes Off Inside the House

It’s dry outside, so what’s the problem with keeping your shoes on when you come home? The problem is everything that’s on the ground, from motor oil to dried animal urine, whether or not conditions are dry. Even just walking on your driveway and keeping your shoes on inside can mean more floor and carpet cleaning throughout the house.

3. Not Changing Your Furnace/AC Filter

The filter in your HVAC equipment cleans the air in your house. At least all the air that actually passes through the filter. When the filter becomes clogged with dust, dirt and debris, air can’t get through as easily. So it looks for small spaces around the filter to get through. And when it finds those spaces it doesn’t get filtered, which can mean lots more dusting and dirty carpets for you to clean.

If you would like to get rid of all your house cleaning chores, call us here at Mona EcoFriendly Cleaning and let us keep your home clean for you.