Needless to say, as an eco-friendly cleaning service, we’ve given you more than a few green cleaning tips to do your own eco-friendly cleaning.

Well, here we go again. Except the tips below have a twist. The tips we’ve offered before usually involve using eco-friendly cleaning products, including those you can make at home.

But this time, the suggestions we have aren’t so much about using homemade cleaning products or cleaning things differently. Instead, the tips below might not be even considered ‘eco-friendly’ cleaning, but they end up reducing the amount of cleaning you do, which reduces your use of cleaning products and the need for power equipment, like vacuum cleaners, and the electricity they use – so they really are eco-friendly.

1. Use Throw Rugs Over Carpet in High Traffic Areas

Like most homeowners, you probably machine shampoo your carpets once or twice a year. But, also like most homeowners, your carpets only need shampooing in the high traffic areas that get more dirt. If you put throw rugs on top of those areas, you can simply clean the throw rugs occasionally, often by taking them outside and giving them a solid thrashing, and avoid the use of toxic carpet cleans, the need to rent equipment and using the power they require.

2. Brush Your Dog

If you have pets, a lot of the dust that you vacuum up every week is due their coats shedding. If you give them a regular brushing, you’ll reduce how much vacuuming you need to do.

3. Use a Compact Stick Vacuum

Instead of always vacuuming with your high-powered vacuum cleaner, use a lightweight ‘stick’ vacuum, which draws much less power, in between big vacuuming jobs.

4. Put Out the Welcome Mat

Just by putting a mat near the inside or outside of the main entry doors of the house, you’ll greatly reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked in – and the need to clean it.

Now you can reduce your environmental footprint and how often you clean your home. If you want to do the environmental thing and skip the bit about cleaning your home, call us here at Mona Eco-Friendly Cleaning.