Are you looking for a safe, toxin-free professional home or office
cleaning service, but highly doubt that an eco-friendly cleaning
service can deliver the 5-star results you’re after? We were doubters too.

We repeatedly scoffed at claims that eco-friendly cleaning products could be as effective as the chemical onslaught we were used to thank you very much. But then 7 years ago, after having experienced migraines and other ill health effects from using traditional cleaning products and wondering what all of those icky chemicals were doing to our long-term health, a chance cleaning encounter with a line of high-end eco-friendly cleaning products shut down all of our doubts (and accompanying stubbornness) for good.

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We knew from that moment forward that we had a duty to spread the
gospel of this fantastic ‘OMG-I-can-have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too’
approach to professional home cleaning. And in the spring of 2008,
Mona was born!

We are a home and office cleaning company on a relentless pursuit of green cleaning, green living and delivering the highest value for those who choose to pursue eco-friendly cleaning as part of living better.

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The wonderful science behind our effective high-end eco-friendly cleaning products

The amazing science behind the effective high-end eco-friendly cleaning products that we use, in conjunction with the rigorous level of training that our eco-cleaning specialists undergo, allow us to satisfy the cleaning needs and expectations of even the most discerning you-know-who’s, regardless of their situation… the self-professed extreme germaphobe and neat freak, the worried mom, the well-meaning but disastrous slob or slobette, the on-the-go professional, your super nitpicky mother-in-law, and run-of-the-mill ‘would-clean-if-you-can-find-me-the-extra-time-and-energy!’ parents.

The fact that we deliver amazing home and office cleaning results while protecting your family’s health, your employees’ health, and our environment, is a win-win. It turns out that what’s excellent for cleaning the counters, floors, mirrors, tubs and toilets doesn’t have to harm our babies, our cats and dogs, our significant others, our teens, our long-term health or our planet. To us, environmentally friendly cleaning is a no-brainer.

Markham Economist’s 2014 Readers’ Choice Award

And our clients share our sentiments. Mona is delighted to be crowned with the Markham Economist’s 2014 Readers’ Choice Award for Cleaning Service! It validates our vision and hard work as we strive to grow a socially conscious company that is good for people and the planet.

Germaphobes and ‘No-one-can-clean-my-house-the-way-I-do’ neat freaks, rejoice!

Mona is here for you.