Mistakes? How the heck can you make a house cleaning mistake if it’s a miracle that you actually get the house cleaning done? Any cleaning is better than not cleaning, no?


While making the effort to regularly clean your home is important, many cleaning habits can actually be ruining those efforts. Few people like house cleaning, so we go with a ‘get it done’ approach. But that can blind us to some of the mistakes we’re making; mistakes that we don’t even know are happening.

Here are four house-cleaning mistakes that you should try to avoid if you want a truly clean and healthy home.

1. Not Cleaning Your Sponges

There’s a reason why scientists look for water as a sign of life on other planets. All moisture is a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and germs in just about any conditions. The damp sponge you leave in the sink almost immediately starts attracting bacteria and mold spores from the air. Then, the next time you use it, not only does it stink because of everything growing in it, but you’re basically wiping your counter with a germ factory. When you finish using a sponge, squeeze and rinse it out thoroughly, and pop it in the microwave for a minute to zap the bacteria.

2. Not Emptying the Vacuum Bag

Vacuuming when the vacuum cleaner bag is full not only means you’ll need to vacuum longer to get the same job done, but you could be leaving lots of dirt and dust mites on your carpets and floors.

3. Not Cleaning Your Toilet Brush

If the water in your sponge can make it smell like a sewer, imagine what all the water from your toilet brush can do in the holder. Thoroughly clean and dry your brush after each time you use it before putting it away.

4. Spraying Cleaning Products Directly Delicate Surfaces

When you spray harsh chemicals directly onto a surface that isn’t ready for them, the damage can start almost immediately. Even spraying furniture polish, which can contain strong cleaning agents, straight onto a delicate antique can harm the finish. When cleaning a sensitive surface, spray the cleaner onto your cleaning cloth first and then wipe the surface.

If you really don’t like house cleaning, and can’t be bothered doing it right, or wrong, contact Mona Eco-Friendly Cleaning.