One of the best parts of using eco-friendly cleaning all around your home is that it can often be done with low-cost, everyday items you already have in the house. And eco-friendly cleaning of your carpets is no exception.

There’s even another bonus to cleaning your carpets the eco-friendly way. It’s way faster and easier. Cleaning your carpets the conventional way can get complicated.

Here’s how it might go.

  1. You have to go to the hardware store.
  2. Find a machine and pay to rent it.
  3. Buy chemical cleaning solution.s
  4. Lug everything home.
  5. Prepare and mix the cleaning solutions.
  6. Drag the machine all over your carpets.
  7. Occasionally mix more solution and refill the machine.
  8. Wait for hours, or overnight, before you can walk on your carpets.
  9. Clean the carpet cleaner.
  10. Lug it back to the store.

The Simple Steps to Eco-Friendly Cleaning your Carpets

Not only does cleaning your carpets the eco-friendly way not mean driving anywhere or handling any heavy equipment, you don’t have to handle any harsh chemical cleaning solutions either.

1. Tackle Spot Stains

Every carpet has higher traffic areas where there are more likely to be spots and stains that need special attention. You can find the solution in your medicine cabinet.

Shaving cream (not gel) is a great spot cleaner for carpets. Just spray stains and spots with shaving cream and let it sit for half an hour. Then just wipe it away with a clean cloth. It even works on grease spots. You should first test the cream in an unobtrusive spot to make sure it won’t harm your carpets.

2. Clean Your Carpets

Next, liberally sprinkle baking soda all over your carpets. A 9’ x 12’ rug should take about a box of baking soda. Leave it for at least 10 minutes, vacuum up all the baking soda.

Just like that, your carpets will be looking clean and smelling fresh. If you would like to start using eco-friendly cleaning all around the house, and you don’t actually want to do the cleaning, contact us here at Mona Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services.