There can be an ironic part of making the change to green cleaning products and practices around the house or workplace. And it can be true for almost any positive transformation you try to make in your life, including things like improving your fitness, going to see you Mom more often or simply being a better person.

Sometimes, the harder you try, the less chance you have of success.

Yes, many of us are able to make positive changes in our lives relatively quickly and completely. But if you’re not one of those, suddenly diving head first into the deep end of green cleaning, or fitness, or whatever; changing everything at once; can actually make it more difficult to make the transition.

In the case of green house cleaning, it can go something like this. One day, whether it’s because you started choking on the fumes of a chemical cleaner, or you found some other motivation, you decide to go green with your house cleaning. You trek around the house grabbing every chemical cleaner you can find and safely dispose of them.

Then you go online and do a bit of research to find commercial eco-friendly cleaners, and even come up with some recipes for making your own green cleaning solutions.

Come house cleaning day, you eagerly pack all your new solutions into your kit and head off throughout the house. Except after tackling the first few tasks, things don’t turn out like you hoped. Your new cleaners might need to be used differently, in ways you’re not used to, and they don’t smell ‘clean’.

Suddenly, you’re yearning for the Windex.

Go Gradually Green with Your House Cleaning

Just like changing any habit, good or bad, going ‘cold turkey’ on your chemical cleaner habit can be tough. So take it one step at a time. Here are some suggestions.

1. Find All-Purpose Eco-Friendly Cleaner That You Like

Instead of buying and getting used to many different cleaners. Try one at a time and stick with the one you like the best.

2. Choose One Cleaning Project

When’s the last time you thoroughly cleaned the windows? If it’s been a while, commit to cleaning them with an eco-friendly cleaning solution. A mix of equal parts isopropyl alcohol, vinegar, and water works well.

3. Pick One Room

Whether it’s the kitchen, workbench or bathroom, try making it a green-cleaning zone.

Still, Want to Make the Transition to Green Cleaning in One Step?

You’re in luck. There is a way. Call us here at Mona Eco-Friendly Cleaning. It’ll be all green, and you won’t have to clean.