t’s here! Springtime, sunshine and warm weather; oh, yeah, and spring cleaning chores. That last bit can spoil some of the goodness of spring,  especially when you look inside and outside your home and see nothing but cleaning jobs.

If you’re up to it, tackling everything that needs to be done can payoff. But sometimes, when we try to get everything clean and organized, we don’t get anything as clean and organized as it can be.

If this happens to you, try getting a little more selective about the spring-cleaning jobs you tackle. Prioritize what you want to clean first and focus only on it. Then move on to the second thing or area. Not only will you do a better job on each house cleaning chore, but you might just find it’s easier to clean everything when you’re not thinking about everything you need to clean.

Here are our suggestions for ‘selective’ spring cleaning:

Start Outside

Sure, your windows are filthy and the kitchen’s a cluttered mess, but head outside first. By getting your patio furniture out, cleaned, and organized, you’ll give yourself a place to go when you need a break from the other cleaning. And you’ll itch the scratch to get outside after a long winter.

Get to Those Windows

With more sunshine flooding in, you’ll stress over your dirty windows every time you look through them. They are a quick win in the spring cleaning battle.

Clean the Stove

Even if nothing else in the kitchen is clean, a clean stove top and oven helps the whole room feel cleaner.

Wash Drapes and Rugs

When’s the last time you did them? With them clean and smelling fresh, the entire room will feel that way too.

Use Natural, Eco-friendly Cleaners

If you get away from using harsh chemical cleaners, it will make you feel better about your cleaning, no matter how much, or how little you do. Lemons are antiseptic and antibacterial and are great for cleaning pots and pans, plastic containers and countertops. Baking soda can remove surface rust, cut grease and clean your toilet bowl. Clear vinegar is the eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner that you can use all over the house.

Good luck with all your spring cleaning this year. And if you don’t think even luck will help, call us here at Mona Eco-Friendly Cleaning and let us do it all for you.